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Deaf Lit Extravaganza

John Lee Clark has done it again. Another book. This time it’s Deaf Lit Extravaganza.

Mr. Clark edited the fiction, non-fiction, and poetry works of 32 writers (including a non-fiction essay by me). He compiled an anthology that celebrates Deaf life and offers a window into the lives of American Deaf. The book is touching and beautiful.

What does it mean to be a Deaf parent? The authors in Deaf Lit offer clues. What is the interpreting experience? A number of interpreters open up about their day jobs. What is the status of the oral/signing divide? Buy Deaf Lit and find out what real people are experiencing.

The content of Deaf Lit is insightful. The outside of Deaf Lit is also a real treat. 

Leave it to a Deaf-Blind editor to pick out the most luxurious texture for his book cover. The book feels inviting. The cover is smooth and supple yet strong and sturdy. The book calls out to be held by hands. Of course, you could say, all books want to be held. This book is different.  This book is made for hands. This book is made for special hands.  This book is meant to be held by hands that know how to speak.

Enjoy the book.